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Gen Z Circle

The IAL Gen Z Circle provides valuable input into our thinking and advisory work for families and family businesses. It serves as an ongoing reflecting pool for our clients. Tech­nol­o­gy has enabled Gen Z to con­nect to international issues more often than any gen­er­a­tion before. As a result, Gen­ Z mem­bers tend to be more open-mind­ed and active­ly engaged in advo­cat­ing for the fair and equal treat­ment of others. Mem­bers of Gen­ Z are pas­sion­ate about driving social change. Finan­cial mind­ed­ness is anoth­er core char­ac­ter­is­tic of Gen­ Z.

The IAL Gen Z Circle can share their perspectives on a range of issues including: the environment, social enterprise, innovation, technology, ethics, sustainable brands, racial equity, mental health, wellbeing and family dynamics. They bring energy, challenge and question established hierarchies. In listening carefully to Gen Z voices and addressing their concerns, we are reminded of the importance of respecting their individuation, while recognising the inherent tensions most families face in reconciling the I and the We. For forward looking families to embrace circularity and thereby make the most of talents of all family members, whether younger or older, they must try and better understand Gen Z thinking and values.

Adam Ispahani

Adam Ispahani

Adam is Co-coordinator of the IAL Gen Z Circle. Adam was educated at Winchester College and graduated in 2022 from King’s College London with a BA degree in Digital Culture.

Sofi Ispahani

Sofia Ispahani

Sofia is Co-coordinator of the IAL Gen Z Circle. Sofia was educated at Wycombe Abbey School and is a senior at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. She plans to major in Engineering..