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Family Leadership Development

Families whether they own a business or not focus on developing leadership and decision making capacity in all generations to deploy their responsibilities thoughtfully.  

Multi-Generational Leadership Programme

Iraj Ispahani and Philip Marcovici are founding advisors of the Multi-Generational Leadership Programme at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

The programme is designed for influential family members – those responsible for shaping family purpose, values and priorities, for driving value creation or for stewarding assets. Participants may come from different generations, from family elders to those currently leading decision-making or next generation members preparing for a future leadership role. The key criteria for participation are focused on the potential of those attending to contribute – to the programme and to our world.

To learn more about this programme at CISL click here.

Ed Lee, Bowbridge
The family bank: creating the next generation of entrepreneurs

“Much of the secret to multi-generational success lies in minimising issues where matters are in their control, and positioning the people and financial interests within the family to best withstand external factors that are not.”

Ed Lee

Suzanne Weeks – Leadership Development
Leadership Team Development

One to three day programme focussed on increasing leadership skills at different levels within the family business. The focus is on “how” you work with employees and key stakeholders, to maximise leadership effectiveness and impact in interpersonal and group settings.

Suzanne Weeks

Suzanne Weeks – Leadership Development
Getting the best from the Non-Family Leaders

Two day leadership programme where non-family leaders will learn and hone skills in leading with influence and leading with authority – and how to maximise their impact with different stakeholders.  Much of this is experiential in nature, leading to long term benefits for the individuals as well as the family businesses in which they work.

Suzanne Weeks