Annual Leadership Lectures

These events enable our clients to participate in thoughtful discussions on the interaction between business and society.

Ispahani Advisory 4th Annual Leadership Lecture, London 2020
Luis Franceschi

Guest Speaker: Professor Luis Franceschi, Senior Director Governance and Peace at The Commonwealth

Professor Franceschi shared his perspective on partnerships, innovation, climate and education in The Commonwealth.

Ispahani Advisory 3rd Annual Leadership Lecture, London, 2018
Christoph Loch

Guest Speaker: Christoph Loch, Director of Cambridge Judge Business School

Christoph Loch shared his perspective on leadership models compatible with family business cultures today.

Ispahani Advisory 2nd Annual Leadership Lecture, London, 2017

Guest Speaker: Lord Ian Blair QPM

Lord Blair shared his perspective on how to stay safe in an increasingly challenging world – physically and virtually.

Ispahani Advisory Annual Leadership Lecture, London, 2016
Philip Marcovici

Guest Speaker: Philip Marcovici

Philip Marcovici shared his perspective on the key themes in his book on family wealth management ‘The Destructive Power of Wealth’.